But he also has moments of being an Alice trapped in a fantasy land where nothing makes sense. While Japanese Anime character is the originator I guess? He tsks at her for thinking that having expensive accessories is enough to complete an outfit, which pretty much echoes what In-hwa thought of her eye for fashion. Choi Su is very content with her life, but one day she meets to y Lee Sang Eun and her life changed. In-hwa is shocked to find out that her brother, Min-hyuk, ordered for Se-kyung to be hired as a one-year temp despite her low grades. Everyone quickly checks their makeup and changes into high-heeled, fashionable shoes. I really enjoyed this drama, and I liked the ending, too. But calling someone not talented

Def one of my favorite sequences I also was totally shipping her and Tommy at the end! I so wished this could have been in the hands of an older, more intense actress who could match PSH’s intensity and chemistry – when is MGY going to learn to kiss back? Nguyen December 3, at Tommy Hong is mistaken as a White Rabbit, but he’s actually the Cheshire Cat his posters are a visual clue — he’s not quite there. There wasn’t the typical love triangle, misunderstandings that dragged on, the family feud was portrayed well, characters wee complex and the theme was very well integrated I mean, fashion, especially in urban areas, isn’t about brand names or looking chic. Instead of a fluffy love story, I got a story about personal growth as each character came to terms with reality and tried to find their place in this world.

Spending money that you don’t have to buy things that you don’t need to impress people you don’t like. There were a lot of lighthearted moments in this drama that made it very addictive, and then there were the predictable moments that were standard in a Korean drama.

Cha was being an complete ass! Can Na Ri get what she wants both at work and in her personal life?


It was just LOL because it was overdone. I really wished the writers also focused on Secretary Moon and Ah Jung’s relationship. Thank you for recapping this series. Except for the few moments when she becomes angry and cheongdamodng, she maintains one look of sadness — which for me makes it feel like one-note acting.


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She arrives at work the following day and greets everyone in the meeting room. No we weren’t influenced by anything! Now, Park Shi Hoo, take 2 or episoode weeks off, then get going on your next project! Or am I just not understanding this particular nugget of wisdom? Her blank stare of constant surprise really got to me after awhile.

I missed all the secondary characters by the end, though Cheongramdong appreciate the attention paid to Tommy Hong and Yoon Joo.

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Alice in Wonderland doesn’t have an easily translated through-plot. Everyone quickly checks their makeup and changes into high-heeled, fashionable shoes. He falls in love with the secret daughter of the presidential candidate suffering Anthropophobia panic disorder, fear of people. Moon geun young is keeping me on this bandwagon for now: Don’t make me laugh.

His cries transform into a doorbell ringing, and next thing he knows, Se-kyung is by his side, carrying that sketchbook. I mean, not totally crazy.

So – again, there’ll have to be lots of changes or at least plenty of time passing to get over that relationship and move on to the woman hater. They know all kind of juicy secrets about everyone in Cheongdam-dong and could make good use of them Because… she did, right?

I’m gonna miss your Winston Churchill’s There are ten candidates for a new entry level position that Seung-jo will have to interview, and he gives him a portfolio. Considering she seems shocked by all the arrogance and “rules of the world”, I’d say she needs it anyway.

At least Europe has universal health care. But that triggers it — dreams… And suddenly he realizes that what he thought was a dream was not a dream. His friend asked if he’s taking his meds. She seems to face everything like she is barely out of elementary school.

I’m not saying that all suffering is equal or that all complaints should take up the same amount of space, but I do think it’s ok to feel the way you feel without having to apologize for it.


I love this song, too. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Looking forward to everyone in their next drama.

I hope he will sign up for a new drama very soon. Ferocity – that was it. Epislde just never felt like a horrible secret. TS January 29, at 8: She always try to be a smart one, she do it in any of her drama LOL. Chongdamdong Koon February 6, at It’s as if you are saying that happy things can only survive in some sort of dream state. Subscribe Subscribe to DramaCool mailing list to receive updates on anime and news.

Another reason, Moon Geun Young’s acting is not good. Se-kyung understood that meant it was over, and so she disappeared from his life. I enjoyed this drama to some extent but it was a little to didactic for me to be really into any of the emotions or characters. Betsy Hp January 29, at 5: For a long time he lives abroad.

They uploaded the video too. Here at least, the writer fleshes out the characters enough so that they seem like people and not caricatures. But what you meant by the Red King makes sense to me. Think about it from her point of view, she’s a person with a high GPA and second in her class from a prestigious university. I would say dramaice Europe their style would be considered awful.

PSH did lead the kiss and you can see that he tried to give her a good kiss but MGY’s body was so stiff and she did not kiss him back vheongdamdong all, that’s why the kiss looked so awkward.

Her reasons for wanting to marry the guy a preposterous idea in itself will make or break this, for me.