She also prays that she may soon be freed from her unhappy life. The piano reduction is based on the one in the Schirmer vocal score, but I’ve adapted it quite a bit. Princess Elisabeth , the Landgrave ‘s niece. After Franz Liszt produced the opera at Weimar Court Theatre in , there were further performances between and in amongst other locations Schwerin , Kassel , Posen , Wiesbaden , Hanover , Munich and Berlin. The overture is frequently performed as a separate item in orchestral concerts, the first such performance having been given by Felix Mendelssohn conducting the Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra in February Venus and the Venusberg disappear. The venue meant that the composer had to insert a ballet into the score, according to the traditions of the house. This marked the end to Wagner’s hopes of establishing himself in Paris.

Introduction — Scene 1. In the “Paris” version, the song contest is somewhat shortened, possibly because of the lack of suitable soloists for the Paris production. The distinct character Heinrich der Schreiber sings many melodies distinct from all other named characters, and occasionally unique lyrics. Wagner brings these two together by constructing a plot involving the 14th century Minnesingers and the myth of Venus and her subterranean realm of Venusberg. The performance was conducted by the composer. Richard Wagner, the last of the Titans. The Diary of Richard Wagner — He is due to arrive back soon.

He went to Rome through great hardships, only to be told by the Pope that he would have no forgiveness. The tension is not upsetting at all, but instead conveys to all who listen the joy and pain Wolfram feels for his love, the pain of wanting something so bad and be denied and the simple joy of even know that your love exsists.

In Wagner’s opera Tannhauser, the character of Wolfram is in love with Tannhauser’s lover, but becuase of the highly christian theme he is doomed to love her from a far. The chromaticism Wagner uses excentuates the feeling of this upright man surrendering himself to his love of Elizabeth, Tannhauser’s lover.


The effect on the performer, let him know to make the end of the line as strong as the beginning of the line to bring out the tension, between the Eb major chord and the E natural in the voice. Venusgoddess of Love.

Later performances at Bayreuth included one conducted by Richard Straussand one where the Bacchanal was choreographed by Isadora Duncan The aria begins in G minor, where block chords are played and the harp arpeggiates. In another section of the aria, a bVII foreshadows him returning to his grief and sadness. In the third measure of the section is a Bb major chord, to a D major, then the fourth measure the voice line resolves into a beautiful Eb major chord in G major, making it a lovely bVI.

If anyone has any use for such an arrangement for either contralto or baritone please contact me and I may be able to prepare it for you.

At the third performance on 24 March, which Wagner did not attenduproar caused several interruptions of up to fifteen minutes at a time. Harewood, Earl of, ed. There is consternation, and once again Elizabeth appears confused, torn between rapture and anxiety.

Parsifal film Parsifal film. Cosima Wagner’s Diaries, Volume 2 You, Wolfram, shall learn all that has passed. As the night falls, Wolfram sings an ode to the evening star. This desire upsets her and she tries abehdstern convince him to stay.

O Du, Mein Holder Abendstern

As a consequence, Wagner withdrew the opera after the third performance. The most significant revision was made for the opera’s premiere in Paris in ; the production there was however a failure, partly for political reasons.

The score in the Schirmer edition labels his melody line simply “Schreiber”. Where my dynamic markings do not match those in the vocal score, it is aendstern due to a creative reinterpretation of the piece, but rather a desire to better match the sound of the orchestra. See also general editorial notes.


Form and Analysis: Wolfram’s Aria, O du mein Holder Abendstern

Posted by Andrew Chapin at 6: According to his autobiography, he was inspired by finding the story in “a Volksbuch popular book about the Venusberg”, which he claimed “fell into his hands”, although he admits knowing of the story from the Phantasus of Ludwig Tieck aendstern E.

Surprised, Venus offers him further charms, but eventually his repeated pleas arouse her fury and she curses his desire for salvation. The rest of the hunting party gathers, blowing horns. Wolfram enjoys and celebrates the pain of being denied, he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Across the valley towered the Venusberg, in whose interior, according to legend, dwelt Holdathe Goddess of Spring.

I think my abwndstern accompaniment is an improvement upon Schirmer’s which follows the harp part too closely, ignoring the strings and bassoonsbut of course neither of them hplder do justice to the orchestra version. The Life of Richard Wagner. A further incentive to disruption was the unpopularity of Princess von Metternich and of her native country of Austria.

It was said that the Goddess would lure the Wartburg minnesinger-knights to her lair where her beauty would captivate them. Whereupon, absolutely crushed, he abfndstern, seeking his former source of bliss. He begins by singing an ode praising the virtues of holy and righteous love. However, rather than finding absolution, he is cursed, “bist nun ewig du verdammt! Wolfram’s aria is the epitome of chivalric romance that was the basis of most Minnesinger and troubador songs.

Cambridge Companions to Music.

Wagner wove a variety of sources into the opera narrative.