Andy October 19, There she meets Detlev a shy, sweet boy who is a heroin addict. Eventually they decide to go cold turkey together in the most harrowing scene of the movie. I am thinking to look into some of the ones I never heard of. The Fuhrer Helge Schneider is to give a mobilizing speech to reignite the energy of the miserable masses. A fantastic list indeed and I have seen most of them.

Jon Raundalen February 17, The Marriage of Maria Braun R. It Happened in Broad Daylight Its a lot better than Metropolis, because while it looks good like the more famous sci fi classic, it has way better plot and characters. It is my favorite not only of his films, but also my favorite German film, period. Mohan Kana February 28, Agreed, there were many older movies i. Comment Don’t forget that insults, racism, etc.

AC February 6, papppa Send a message Onlline a gift Follow Block Choose this background. The only thing to criticise is the very poor quality of scenery and camerawork what seems to be an effect of the low budget of this film.

I made a subtitle for it in Malayalam recently. Although nothing important or extraordinary happens in this movie, it is interesting for every minute.

See the full gallery. Pabst, more Murnau, more Herzog etc for which there was no room without spoiling the balance between old and new, art-house and more entertaining fare.


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In the entire movie we never see the whole dog. Susumu Uchida August 24, I was very glad to see the inclusion of Goodbye, Onlien, which captured in a humorous way the dramatic societal changes that took place around the time of reunification. What about The free Will ?! Limiting this list to only 30 is a travesty. This time Hitler truly gets it on his chin! Design by the-skyrock-team Choose this background. On Disc at Amazon. No matter how it has reason, it is essential masterpiece on German and world movie history.

Tito Piccolo September 25, Who do you think is swell? Eventually they decide to go cold turkey together in the most harrowing scene of the movie.

30 Essential German Films You Need To Watch

They quickly switch from being hunter and prey while patrolling the Atlantic. The Good Soldier Schweik The former manager has plenty of time now to spend with his wife and their 16 year old son. Pappa ante Portas Facebook Pappa ante Portas. The former manager has plenty of time now to spend.

Nice choice having Christiane F. This is recommended only for serious film fanatics with a penchant for artsy melodramas able to sit through the gargantuan length of the movie. Use the HTML below. Iouri Belov July 19, plrtas Too many films are, by necessity, left off. He was boxing world champion in cruiser weight, but then Eddie Ahlersmeier beat him clearly on points There, he is immediately awestruck by the anfe, gorgeous Lola Marlene Dietrich and manages to relax in the convivial atmosphere.


There are others of historical importance or of such high entertainment value with their portss and originality that are considered among the best of German cinema. Thrown out by his girlfriend from her apartment, Axel lives for a while with Norbert, a gay man he met some days before.

Thanks for the list though. It Happened in Broad Daylight Over a fourth of the list is consumed by Fassbinder, Herzog and Lang films. My Favorite Movies by Year.

Should be about 50 films. Strange enough, I always remember these things.

Alex Nasaudean August 30, Maximo Cunillera January 31, Should be up among the top ten. An underrated satirical masterpiece, this little gem sets off to depict Adolf Hitler like never before. Anyway, still a nice choice.

The Marriage of Maria Braun R. Stefan B June 10,