Aarushi later decides to meet Vihaan’s mother and tries to call him but he does not pick the call as he is sleeping. Suresh is extremely upset with Sharda’s rude behaviour and also tries to persuade Ishwari Fae. He tells her that he has taken part in the contest to win a meeting with the writer of the article. After a while, Vihaan spots the newspaper which reads that the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’ saved the life of her fan. Meanwhile, Vihaan’s family come to know about Vihaan’s love for this ‘Dilliwali Kudi’, and they call up the publisher to find out about the writer, but in vain. Later, Aarushi’s mother finds out that Prahlad and Girish had stolen Aarushi’s savings and she keeps her own money in the box in which Aarushi keeps her savings.

Satrangi Sasural – Episode 4 – December 8, Sarathi finds himself in a fix when the girl whom Vihaan was suppose to meet stands in front of him. He finally decides to reveal his true identity in front of Aarushi and decides to meet her. Later, Girish meets his father and the two of them discuss about getting some money from Aarushi. Initially the two of them are upset with each other but finally the two of them patch up and get ready to be friends. Later, Aarushi reaches home and feels that someone has tampered with her money box and just then her mother manages to make an excuse.

Watch the entire episode here to know more. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 22 – January 1, Meanwhile, all of Aarushi’s mothers too take part in the competition as they feel that Vihaan loves the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’ and they want him to get married to her. Meanwhile, Vihaan who is the owner sasurao Vatsala wears learns that Aarushi has copied their design and made a cheap duplicate for herself.

Satrangi Sasural – Episode 7 – December 11, Later, Aarushi gets surprised when Vihaan comes to her office to meet her. Tulsi advises Hridayanath to not stalk her. Later that night, Vihaan and Aarushi chat with each other through messages. Subtitles Audio Languages Available On.


He tries to apologize to all but his mother is furious with him. Soon, Aarushi reaches the scene and sees him there. Later, Bittu too joins Aarushi’s celebrations and this upsets Aarushi. Satrangi Sasural – Episode 29 – January 12, Satrangi Sasural – Episode 19 – December 29, The ‘pundit’ goes on to tell them that Vihaan will be meeting the girl before them.

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He gives this information to Vihaan and immediately tries to free him from the prison but in vain. Vihaan gets tea for Aarushi and meets her at her office. Will she be able to break through the tough exterior and not only live up to each of their expectations but also establish a loving bond with them?

Vihaan notices Girish, goes towards him and slaps him.

Satrangi Sasural

However, Vihaan’s mothers start making plans to send gifts to the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’ and at the same time, Vihaan’s Tai Maa feels that the Dil Wali Kudi’s ominous presence has brought the injuries upon Vihaan. Aarushi and her husband Vihaan try to overcome the challenges of living with seven dominating mother-in-laws.

Vihaan tells Aarushi about his Dadi Maa’s ill health and that witnessing her condition had initially terrified him. Vihaan realises that he has finally got an opportunity to find out about the mystery girl who writes brilliant articles for a local newspaper.

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While Vihaan is extremely excited to meet the ‘Dil Wali Kudi’, the real ‘Dil Wali Kudi’ who has written the articles and won Vihaan’s heart is extremely afraid of meeting him. Aarushi’s grandfather scolds her for encouraging Prahlad by giving him money whenever he’d ask for it.

Aarushi is not aware that the gifts are not from one single person, but from all the swsural ladies whom Vihaan treats as his mother.


Upon hearing him, Vihaan gets furious. Meanwhile, Prahlad takes Rajkumar’s father on a stroll and he tells him that his daughter Aarushi has been handling the responsibility of the entire family.

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That night both Arushi and Vihaan are confused regarding each other and they speak to their loved ones and ask them to guide them. Click here to login. Next morning, Vihaan again reads the article in the newspaper and in confused as the article again seems to reflect all that had happened yesterday. Vihaan continues to make vain attempts to get in touch with Aarushi. While all of Vihaan’s seven mothers hear Diya complain to her mother about the large family that Vihaan has, Diya’s mother immediately sees the ladies standing behind and begins to defend her daughter.

Meanwhile, Diya is unable to take the seven mothers of Vihaan anymore and she complains to Vihaan sateangi the problems a family with seven women in the house can cause and she finally refuses to marry Vihaan. Watch the entire episode here to watch the entire episode.

Peisode informs the guests about the puppy that she had to take to the hospital and seeing her caring nature, the boy begins to like Aarushi. Watch the episode as love begins to blossom between Aarushi and Vihaan.

Later, just when Vihaan eposode trying to convince all to celebrate ‘maasi maa’s’ birthday, a man comes with a lot of food. Meanwhile, Malhotra’s family comes to Vihaan’s house and seeing seven ladies in the house the girl gets surprised.