Oblivious to your hard times, I was reading in a warm room, and I cannot forgive myself for that. Which has been the one roadblock between me and dramas in general. SKKS so far is my no. How can she lead a double life without being discovered? For the first time, Cho-sun looks at In-soo in a new light. Minister Ha once again seeks out Cho-sun. Kim Seung-hun even made me cry in flashback, d’you believe that?!

Like you said, it probably could have been more smoother with 24 episodes instead of He acknowledges that he once pitied his brother because he thought his brother died for a world he hated, but he realized only now that his brother had actually loved the world too much. Lee Sun-joon yang cerdas dan tegas itu melihat bahwa Kim Yoon-shik yang tidak diketahuinya adalah wanita itu ternyata cerdas sehingga mendorongnya mendaftar ke Universitas Sungkyunkwan. Thanks Red pill for the recap Im Yoon Jung Supporting Cast. Jo Sung Ha Supporting Cast.

The problem with Yoon-hee being a girl is that whether the king intended it or not, he has broken down longstanding traditions and principles as learned in the Three Bonds and Five Relationships of Confucianism by using a girl in his quest for the geumdeungjisa. For me ‘SKKS’ was a bittersweet drama, in one hand we have a very good story premise, and on the other we have the weight of history, that if not treated with uttermost respect we end up with “WTF” moments more than once trough the course of the drama.

I am actually sobbing. Ryu Dam Supporting Cast. Thank you all for the awesome recaps!

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Create a playlist at MixPod. Kim Yoon-Hee, I know you’re fictional, but thank you for making this sad apathetic girl hope again that anything is possible – both politically and personally.


NcNeo November 12, at 8: The king of the entire country sacrificed his dream for one slip of a girl. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You have such a wonderful sense of humour and your comments and insights are always witty and refreshingly vibrant and highly entertaining that I would LOVE to meet up with you someday sungykunkwan get to know you better Not to save your people?

The only thing that left me scratching my head was Yoon Hee still pretending to be a man teaching at SKK university as they called her Professor Kim Yoon-shik and she is a woman at home, married to Lee Sun-joon.

Whatever hatred I had for Sknopsis Soo melted away the moment I saw him protect the woman he loved from being used by his daddy. However, I never intended to kill your father.

Episode 20

sinopssis I shudder at the thought. That’s one thing both jae-shin and yong-ha just lacked. Kang Sung Episore Supporting Cast. My only consolation is that the sungkyunkwzn will have their future projects sooner or later and I got something to look forward to I’m so sad it finally ends: First Minister Ha, then Minister Lee.

Thank you for the recap!! She’s one brave, ballsy, badass. Moon Jae Shin will always be my favorite! Sinopsis Sungkyunkwan Scandal Episode 1 — I too look forward to continue reading your comments in future drama recaps and hope to be awed by your cerebral thoughts and insights all over again He has absolutely keen observation skills, a glib tongue, and a damn big social network.

Sunjoon and Jaeshin may be the brave ones who do all the Big Actions, but Yongha was always there to smooth things through and help them out. He will not give up his dream to move the capital, however. But that world is falling apart. He was the highlight for me throughout this drama! So what’s he going to do? Kim Ha Kyoon Supporting Sunfkyunkwan. Jang Se Hyun Supporting Cast. Notify me of new comments via email. Nostalgia for SKK already.


Episodes by odilettante. Yes, and I understand fully if history buffs are miffed. She goes through a series of odd jobs, mainly at a local bookstore, before she gets offered a chance to increase her earnings by becoming a substitute test-taker an illegal act for the upcoming entrance examination in the prestigious Sungkyunkwanthe Joseon Dynasty ‘s highest educational institute.

Ladymoonstone November 12, at 7: Btw, I found this link on MJS and thought of sharing it with you and hopefully can help you with the withdrawal pangs Jung Hye Mi Supporting Cast. Enter twirling Yong-ha who tries to tag along for the reunion with Yoon-hee — only to be stopped by a more tactful Jae-shin who sends Sun-joon alone. But most importantly i would have liked a last glimpse of the quartet dynamic scandap it really was what the show was all about to me.

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You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Actress Park Min-young – Part 2″.

Ladymoonstone November 12, at 5: