Why does DeVito so often seem to wind up in movies with other actors from New Jersey? Rudy, as most law students are when they graduate, wants to take the high road, do everything by the book, and win. Matt Damon as Rudy is wetter behind the ears and not such a quick learner as the Rudy of the book, but every so often he connects and we understand how he feels. Not too promising, really, because professionals who operate within heavily guarded social borders — like lawyers, cops, doctors, and pilots — almost always assume that the audience is too dumb to know that collusion between a judge and a prominent lawyer takes place. He’s from Orange, New Jersey. Come to think of it — well, never mind. I expected a cheap ne plus ultra of mind-numbing commercial fluff. Jon Voight played the insurance company’s lead lawyer, and he played his character to it’s swarmy best.

See it if you can. After working for the sleazebag played by Mickey Rourke and going into partnership with Danny DeVito who has flunked the bar exam six times , he can look back down the slope and pick out the idealism he left sprinkled along the route of his ascent. He winds up quitting practice. One thing the film does almost as well as the book is send the message sorry Mr Goldwyn that America needs to do something about its medical insurance system, if the present chaotic mess can be so described. Sometimes the humor requires less attention. In the middle of a dramatic pause, DeVito, eager to deliver a piece of evidence to his partner, stumbles loudly over a waste basket.

You killed my SON?

But it was much better than that. As she speaks, she smokes a lot and the camera moves slowly down her arm rainmaler show her fingers subtotles in her lap.

Was it just to give the movie another case so the entire film wasn’t centered on the insurance trial? I expected a cheap ne plus ultra of mind-numbing commercial fluff.


Anyway, this, for Coppola, is a pretty straightforward story, neither the grand opera he’s attracted to, nor the more quiet “personal” films that usually come in between.

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Was it to give Rudy a love interest? Seems the insurance company won’t pay for a bone marrow transplant rainnmaker would save his life.

He had the same fear in his eyes that we all do, but also that dog-eat-dog determination to prove to the world that he could do the job. An idealistic young lawyer and his cynical partner take on a powerful law firm representing a corrupt insurance company.

Subtitless else would anyone expect with a title like that — “John Gresham’s ‘The Rainmaker'”?

The Rainmaker (1956)

His ethics are simple: Two lawyers for instance, suhtitles into a courtroom to try a case, neither of whom has a license to practice law.

Matt Damon, as Rudy, is a fresh faced preppy-looking kid just out of law school. He was going to play fair, but hew as also going to give Rudy the benefit of the doubt. This is probably Copola’s last great film. And the cast was wonderful. Does the Jersey Devil have something to do with it?

And he was convincing.

Francis Coppola is a very innovative yet conventional director you could credit him with authorship of several current movie cliches and his storylines develop according to convention. If the universe is expanding, what is it expanding INTO? What he finds is that sometimes you need to get down and dirty to help your client. All cultures have what the sociologist Arnold van Gennep called “rites de passage,” also sometimes called puberty rituals, in which the initiate enters the ceremony as a child and emerges as an adult.

And Claire Danes is so frangible, so beatable in this movie; even with her leg in a cast and the rest of her limbs and head in bandages, she’s morbidly alluring and radiates a sort of semisexual heat.


Along with his partner Deck Shifflet Danny DeVitoRudy sets out to try and prove to the world rainmaked the insurance company is nothing more than a big time scam artist. His strengths are his intelligence, his energy and his lack of pride; he is quite happy to chase ambulances and give cops backhanders for information.

And of course DeVito and Damon carried the film.

That said, there is much to enjoy. Sometimes it was situational. Give it a shot, it’s worth it. Each person added a little more to the movie, and each gave a great performance.

A splatter of blood spots on a wall as the camera cuts away just before someone is hit over the head. Of the current crop of younger actors, Matt Damon seems to me to have the most talent, as opposed to, say, Keanu Reeves.

Along the way Rudy meets and falls in love with a young woman Clare Danes who gets beat up regularly by her husband.

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Rudy, as subttiles law students are when they graduate, wants to take the high road, do everything by the book, and win. What did you do? I couldn’t figure out what it was there to do. Overall, a film every law student and lawyer should see for its humanity; its brilliance; and its judgment on the American legal system. The story also might explain why John Grisham who has a walk-on role as a lawyer at an al fresco deposition gave up the law to write books, thus bringing pleasure to millions instead of hopefully winning retribution for a few.

Shades of Sydney Sheldon! Coppola and his team show us Rudy Baylor’s rite de passage as an attorney. Language Set favourite s Login.