The ladies head to Lisa and Ken’s vow renewal, where drama erupts between Brandi, Yolanda and Marisa, with Faye interjecting which makes matters worse. During dinner at a Moroccan themed restaurant, the two sisters attempt to talk. Kim hires a psychic which tells her there are ghosts within her home, and Brandi invites the group for a trip to Las Vegas. The housewives enjoy their vacation in Paris by shopping, visiting tourist attractions and jogging the streets. Despite the drama, Lisa and Ken’s vow renewal ceremony allows everyone to come together in peace. Vanderpump also has concerns of her own wit her husband going into surgery.

Kyle’s husband Mauricio arrives late due to competing in a charity walk in heels for Armstrong’s charity event. Kim hosts a party at her home to showcase her new nose. Maloof stays inside tearful and several ladies, excluding Vanderpump, come to her aid as she breaks down. Foster find Armstrong’s behavior is rude and in poor taste. It also focuses on the staff’s relationships and personal lives. The housewives arrive in Ojai, and experience some down to earth fun by having golf cart races, mud fights within the spa, arm wrestling and good wine. The two have been hanging out a lot more and the two have formed a close bond. Retrieved September 4,

Ep 1: Down and Left Out in Beverly Hills

Retrieved February 26, Richards and Resnick have worked together and known each other for a long time with Resnick helping design Kyle and her nieces, Paris and Nicky Hilton ‘s homes.

Adrienne later shows up to the ceremony, tears and all, as it’s the same day her divorce with Paul has been announced to the public. Down and Left Out in Beverly Hills”. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Taylor feels the need to rid the negative energy in her home by having a psychic cleanse her home, and Taylor is also forced to give up certain items after a lawsuit goes through. Maloof meets up with Taylor Armstrong for a day trip of shopping due to Armstrong’s recent weight gain of ten pounds.


Ssason the couple isn’t working, they’re raising their son Jack, 10, and daughter Darryl, 7. The housewives come together to discuss the past season with Andy Cohen.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – S3 E1 – Down and Left Out in Beverly Hills

Kim hosts a party at her home to showcase her new nose. Episodes Season 1 2.

Prior to meeting Kyle, Resnick was born in North Carolinawhere she began her career as a model. At the food tasting event, Glanville reveals some secret information about Maloof that have been secret for years.

Faye throws some low blows at Brandi. A Shot Through the Heart”.

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Brandi insists on explaining herself, but Resnick doesn’t want to hear what she has to say resulting Glanville leaves in tears. Retrieved September 4, Zanuck is also introduced as a friend of Kyle Richards, and the two met when Zanuck joined Hilton and Hyland real estate agency, where Kyle’s husband Mauricio Umansky used to work. TV by the Numbers. New wife, Yolanda Foster shows off her huge home in Malibu which includes a glass fridge and her very own lemon orchard.

Kyle accompanies Lisa for her first mammogram. Taylor erupts in a meltdown, which is directed at Adrienne.

Taylor talks about her excessive drinking habits. Uh Seasoon, Somebody’s Crying! After witnessing all the drama, Kim pitches the idea for a group trip to Ojai.


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Kyle and Lisa finish their discussion regarding their friendship, which leads to little resolution. Kim attempts to talk to Kyle at a Moroccan themed restaurant. Foster felt the need to support her family, her mother and brother, so at the age of 13, she found work as a dishwasher at a local Chinese restaurant.

Yolanda confronts Taylor again about things that Taylor has been saying about she and her husband leading to a showdown between the two at Kyle’s boutique opening. Retrieved January 29, Resnick moved to San Franciscowhere she opened and ran her own modelling agency. Kyle and her daughter, Portia, invite all the ladies to Portia’s fourth birthday, that is carnival themed featuring flying elephant rides, llamas, and unicorns.

Lisa and Kyle mend their friendship and put the past behind them. Later, Kim is under scrutiny for wanting to get a nose job and tensions rise as a feud is created while at the hils dinner prior to departing Las Vegas. During the trial Resnick had a memoir published, Nicole Brown Simpson: Glanville finds herself in a feud with Maloof after an intimate discussion with Kim Richards.

The housewives arrive in Ojai, and experience some down to earth fun by having golf cart races, mud fights within the spa, arm wrestling and good wine.

Vanderpump has moved into a new home called Villa Rosa. Cast members ” Tardy for the Party “.