On Aug 29, He invites Rehmat Ula as well and then takes his leave. She also orders them to free his hands and feet. They both turn to look at each other and he repeats his words while holding her hand in his. Now there is only one person who can help me out of my dilemma. Welcome, Login to your account.

Is my decision right or wrong? Today is Teej and I think you have kept the fast. Sweet background music starts playing. Mukku tells her the location…near your lehenga. We will be at peace once she is gone from here. What will you tell him? She does her little puja then and there itself.

Now that Akash is leaving this house then what is the point of this marriage? Rohini and Surabhi are doing the puja as the moon has come out.

You gave me life again today. She wishes him for his wedding. She asks him if he loves her but why dint you tell me since last few days. He stands facing her back. She keeps looking around….

Rohini too leaves mumbling something while Tappu cant help smiling. Piya plays as she finally turns towards him.


That Rathore will be hanged. I love you a lot Mukta. I always talk to her about you.

She continues looking at him and a tear rolls down her cheek. I made his charts as soon as he was born. Aaugust will realise that what we are doing is wrong. I will tlak to her and tell her everything. They all exchange pleasantries and get into a little talk about health and all. Camera keeps shifting between all four of them.

Tell me you too love me right? Meethi is at the PCO. He tries to take it saying that someone is definitely instigating her against him but she pulls it back in time. If you would have spoken to her then you would know that she is pregnant.

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Get ready fast and I too have to do uagust of preps. V means Vishnu and M means Mukta not Meethi. Meethi tells Rizvi family that Asgar is a terrorist. Why are you crying? He insists she will have to. Damini gets up abruptly. Sweet background music starts playing. You have a life inside you who needs to be brought in this world that is why God forgave you.


He aigust about his hasty wedding with Meethi.

Uttaran 29th August Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

uttarran Plus the punishment for this killing would not be less than death. I think her husband is behind the bomb blast. Life wants to teach this to me. Go fast, get ready and take her with you. You came here to talk to her for 2 minutes? Vishnu happens to be crossing but stops looking at her. We are unable to find that Indian terrorist and Ansari ji is acting too sweet with his Indian wife.

It is your wife Fida who was made a Fidayin by you. Meethi asks for her help. A password will be e-mailed to you. I would never forget you. Sign in Recover your password.