Referees showed up to break it up. Trish hit a bulldog off the middle ropes for a two count. It was an easy story to tell with the bigger Rikishi in control for much of the match. Hardys took off their shirts to show they had Duley Boyz gear and then took off their shirts so they could wrestle shirtless. Rock just kept walking, so no interview. The crowd went wild for the tables during the match and they got them after the match was over.

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Rock was shown arriving as Lilian Garcia tried to talk to him. The crowd was on fire as Rock brought the fight with a back body drop. I was pumped for this match. Ref Tim White took it away, which led to a superkick by Rikishi. After the match, the crowd gave Lita a standing ovation due to her effort.

They had a very physical brawl with no points in the match where it felt dead. The crowd was cheering wildly for it! The camera focused on the face of the survvor in the ring and he looked like Angle. Saturn nailed a back suplex on Road Dogg, who is wrestling in overalls.

Austin told him he had a hell of a ride coming. Triple H was backstage with the Radicalz with Benoit saying we know tye to do and Triple H telling them to do it.

Survivor Series (2000)

Articles with short description. Angle was the heel champion. The referee sent Edge and Christian to the back. Rikishi tried to hit Rock with a sledgehammer but Rock punched Rikishi and gave him a Rock Bottom and tried to pin Rikishi, but the referee was knocked out. Hebner told him not to do it, so Austin put the chair around the neck.


The crowd in the arena cheered wildly. Angle rollup gets two. Ending is a little bit shaky but pretty funny and entertaining. Kurt Angle Mark Calaway They lack credentials, but they are still on the broadcast of the show. Triple H sent Benoit to find Austin. Ref never saw it. Gunn and Chyna hit a wew vertical suplex on Saturn.

Eventually, Benoit met up with Triple H where the two tried to find Austin. Kane with a Gorilla Press Slam sent Jericho back 20000 the ring. I thought sucked in terms of matches, but once they cranked it up and it was one of the best years ever for in-ring action. Austin placed a chair around wse left ankle of Hunter. Regal with a cross armbreaker submission. Triple H ended in a no contest [1]. Kurt Angle for the WWF title. The ref crawled back into the ring, a tired Rock slowly made a cover and Rikishi kicked out at two because it took too long for Rock to cover.

Now i know is kinda nerdy to analyze something like a video but nobody as a review for the one so i thought what the hell! Rikishi lost, but he got the heat back after it was over. Undertaker tossed a chair to Angle and told him to use it.

Goodfather hit a Death Valley Driver to eliminate Bubbba. I had totally forgotten about the blood that Lita shed in the match. Since Rikishi flopped sruvivor a heel, it was a way to transfer a lot of the heat over to Triple H because he was the one that ordered the hit. Poor Kurt was oblivious to flirting seriees a hot woman. Trish tagged in, Molly hit an arm drag and body slam on her.


Gunn avoided a superkick that saw Saturn accidentally kick Benoit.


The video package aired for The Rock vs. But when Richards and Ivory consulted outside the ring, Lita attacked both of them by flying over the top rope. He pointed at the guy.

Undertaker wanted a Tombstone, but Angle fought out of it dxx Undertaker punched him out of the ring. She tried to perform a Litasault but Ivory used raidcalz title and Lita instead landed on the title. Match time was The Rock was shown arriving as Lilian Garcia tried to talk to him. Find us on Facebook.

There was a clip from earlier tonight with Tiger Ali Singh, D-Lo Brown and Mosh not being allowed into the building because they lacked credentials. Buchanan and Goodfather were the Tag Team Champions.

Shortly after this, Trish had a bigger role in the company as the mistress of Vince McMahon until she turned on him at WrestleMania Ewe after a One and Only. Trish choked Molly in the corner.

Saturn held Gunn’s foot, allowing Benoit to score the pinfall. He tossed Regal over the top to the floor. It was called a Decade of Destruction. Hard whip into the corner by Rikishi followed by a sidewalk slam by two.